Monday, 25 October 2010

Do you offer friendship, for the love of Christ and the health others?

Jesus cares about everyone, especially those who are feeling out of things, rejected, un-included and without a positive vision of their future.

Such people Jesus comes close to, speaks to, shows himself to.

You can ask Him to come close to you now.

If you already know Him you can go and make yourself and Him known to those who are wandering along your path looking a little lost.

Are you friendly?

Normal, caring conversation is always a pleasing experience for all concerned. Beware of those who warn you off being 'over-friendly'.  There is nothing more 'scary' than a cold, hard countenance, or worse still, condescending politeness and no love of God.  Such behaviour would scare me off faster than any 'so-called' over friendliness. Of course, don't pry.  People will tell you what they want to anyway, as a result of your genuine care for their health and happiness. 

Many years ago, when visiting a church in another town,  I experienced someone coming up to me and  'frightening me off' with her sweetness and kindness.  I ran away feeling very unworthy to be in her presence, yet I returned time and time again hoping to meet her again, ready to accept any invitation she might extend to me which would include me into her church, especially to a service.  Alas, I fear that my reaction caused others to feel empowered to tell her she had got it wrong.  Believe me, she hadn't.  She was filled with the Holy spirit and I only returned in the hope of being invited 'in'.  Sadly I never saw her again or got the invitation to come to a service. 

We all know that church services are for everyone yet there is nothing quite like a personal invitation and a genuinely friendly welcome when you get there.

Once in a service, I would be in the presence of Gods ministers of the faith who would tell the truth I have been aching to hear, that I am able to be worthy of being accepted by God. The preacher would confirm that I was right to want to live a more spiritual life, he would direct me and show me the way to everlasting life in perfection with Jesus Christ as my King.  He would advice and encourage me in taking the right step, there and then and I would feel 'included', rather than peering forlornly through a murky window.

Happily for me, I am currently very involved in various voluntary activities, (cleaning, serving / washing up in the coffee shop, anything where I am needed that brings me into the presence of  people),  in a local church in my present home town.  I also regularly attend services and am very happy to be a member of our choir.

Hopefully, if I err, I err on the side of  'over-friendliness' and normal, positive, caring conversation that most people will understand and warm to. 

If someone has insulted you roundly or even slandered you, a little good natured ribbing can heal the wound and encourage friendship.  It is my understanding that it is best for your personal growth that you do nothing with the intention of causing harm, only healing.

Why not offer your services in a church near you?.   If you do not get a positive response at the first attempt keep trying, or try another church, or both.

Persevere, persevere, persevere. 

Jesus wants new entrants into His family of beleivers.
Jesus wants you  included in His family of beleivers.

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