Thursday, 14 April 2011

Solo textile show

Jesus provides for all our needs, when we give our lives back to God through Him.

High time I worked towards show solo show number three.
Title. Layers, not chrononlogical not clever.

Proposed subject for this show:

My love for Jesus Christ and a personal tactile and visual expression of that love in human terms.
Artwork, entirely abstract (excepting written content), I envisage, will be in the form of:
banners,hand-made books with bible texts in various ancient calligraphic hands, bunting.

Any poetry or texts, (written in a calligraphic hand) of any significant words which may come to me during the process.

It is possible that subject and methods might develop in anothe direction as work progresses.


Abstract weavings, heavy with colour and texture.

Abstract hand sewing-machine collage hangings and book covers, heavy with colour and texture. Texts inserted, various methods.

Abstract paper / paint textile surfaces, heavy with diffused rich colours and antique gold. Colour and texture.

Abstract machine knitted works, rich, medium tone colours, heavy textures.

Abstract textile hangings, collaged, medium to heavy weight, medium to strong tone hand-dyed colours.

Proposed date of show.

Perhaps two years from now. The work is highly personal and for me a joy and relaxation, therefore I do not propose to put myself under any pressure.

I thank God, daily, that I have all that I could possibly need to love and serve Him in so many different ways. Thank you Jesus.

Reasons for exhibiting works.

  •  Personal relaxation.
  • Upliftment, inspiration, motivation and encouragement of other mixed media artists.
The 'not' reasons for exhibiting works.
  • NOT to be 'someone'.  This is a mistake as by wanting to be identified as 'important or influencial' peace of mind will always be illusive for the next creative outpouring will continually be beconing. Followers/admirers of your work will never be satiated with what you can offer, they will always want more and the prospect of dissatisfaction with your latest work will be like a dark shadow hanging over your head.

  • NOT with the intention of appearing to be 'clever' or technically skilled.  The works will be abstract, intuitive and 'from the heart', not from the head.  The kind of creations which anyone can successfully achieve when in the right frame of mind with reclaimed materials and necessary, basic facilities.  Manipulating colour and texture, creativity expressed through the hands from from the 'unconscious mind' rather than through the hands from experienced and trained hands.

  • NOT for the purposes of making money.  This might become a pleasant result of working creatively, for me however, who presently has sufficient time, space and money to produce small to medium works, the ability to work solely for relaxation and the joy of creating unexpected colour and texture combinations, (with a view to eventually sharing techniques and inspiring others, freely),  is enough.

  • NOT to fill time and space.  For someone who is technically 'retired' and does not need to work to pay the bills, lonliness is, I feel, not couteracted by countless hours in solitary artwork.  To keep from being lonely we need people and there are countless ways in which we can offer ourselves for enjoyable and fulfilling voluntary service, (prayer, I find, is always answered and God never keeps me waiting long when I am wondering how).  Balancing peaceful craft activities with reading and offering my services to people in need, professionally or within a responsible organisation, freely, (not wining, dining and high jinks).
  • Not to endeavour to imitate or represent God's creations in order to be personally admired for given gifts, skills, talents or experinece, or for the representation to be admired for it's beauty beyond that of the original object(s) created by God.  This heading speaks for itself.
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