Wednesday, 5 October 2011


THANKS AND PRAISE On this Trinity Sunday we give honour and Glory to the eternal God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God, three in one. Let us pray Heavenly Father we come before you today to glorify your Holy name, knowing that the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours. We offer you our thanks and praise for the many blessings that you lovingly shower upon us. We are mindful that you teach us that we should ask for forgiveness of our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. We pray that we are aware of sins of which we need to repent and ask that you give us the grace be truly repentant. May our hearts desire to be filled with your Holy Spirit and to be like Jesus. Father God, Holy and wise, we praise and glorify you for the wonders of your marvelous creation which you have revealed to us and also for the wonderful mysteries that we cannot yet comprehend. We thank you for sending into the world your one and only son, Jesus Christ, made flesh, who died that we might be set free. We thank you that your Holy Spirit of truth and love is freely available to all who are willing to receive your precious gift of eternal life. We pray that you are ever close to and within all who now live newly formed lives in your image.
Lord of the universe, we thank you for the beautiful world which you have created for our delight. We humbly ask forgiveness for the selfish ways in which we have deliberately abused your precious gift, when we were enticed away from right thinking and behaviour in our weakness. May we, from this moment on begin to take good care of this amazingly constructed earth, with the intention of restoring it to flourishing, healthy, joyous life. We pray for those who, in many parts of the world, are affected by disease, especially where there is no known medical cure. Loving and merciful God, please hear our prayer for help, for those living in a state of turmoil as a result of naturally occurring movements in the earth and climate change, which also can affect food supplies around the world. We pray for those presently affected by severe floods in central and southern china. Lord, hear our cries for the freedom of those living in fear of danger whilst under the power of oppressive regimes. We pray for Christians who are persecuted because of their faith. Heavenly father we are hearing about wars, political unrest and oppression in many places around the world including ongoing strife between Israel and Palestine presently affecting Libya. We pray for all those concerned, including the men and women of our armed forces. We are hearing also of troubles in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Southern Sudan, Libya, Greece and many other parts of the world. Please hear us as we earnestly and fervently pray for peace in those parts of the world, where there is strife, disharmony and warring between neighbouring peoples. We pray that leaders emerge within these countries who are intellectually and spiritually equipped, to rule with justice and integrity, and that they are supplied with all the necessary resources needed to bring peace and stability to the land, soon. We pray for all who live in material or spiritual poverty. As World cup fever comes around, we pray that the sportsmen and spectators alike can enjoy their sport with much enthusiasm and in safety.
FATHERS DAY As we worship you here today, Heavenly Father, we are especially mindful of fathers and of all other senior males who have a caring role for younger people, of all ages, and who are looked upon as role models, here on earth. We pray that they are not shy of asking for your help at all times and especially when your guiding hand is very much needed. We pray that the younger members of families are appreciative of the selfless and committed service that fathers and male carers tirelessly carry our for their health and well-being now and also having the future in mind. We pray that every male playing the role of father can be confident that in his sincere, Godly service he is an invaluable guide, comforter and protector of the young and vulnerable, and as so, is much loved by God. We pray that the young ones that they care for hold fathers and father figures dear in their hearts and minds, able to demonstrate, if only in some small way, their love and appreciation for all that they do for them. 
OUR OWN CHURCH HOLY TRINITY Loving Father as we are particularly conscious on this Trinity Sunday of our own parish church, Holy Trinity, here in Rayleigh, we are especially thankful for all that has been achieved by your grace, and the gift of your Holy Spirit, recently and in past years to encourage and empower many people to build and develop a substantial church building, with it's extensive additions. We are grateful, Father, that we have access to a building which makes possible a wide variety of activities within the life of the church and for the wider community, for the purposes of the spiritual, social and educational needs of adults and children of all ages. We pray that our many opportunities for outreach, building and growth for your Kingdom and your greater glory may proceed with the inspiration of your love as we continue to work joyfully and lovingly together. We thank you for the energetic and inspired work our our faithful and dedicated clergy, including our so-called 'retired' clergy. We thank you and pray also for their wives and families who support and encourage them in all that they do as they minister unselfishly to your people. We pray for the many faithful and dedicated leaders and helpers within groups connected with Holy Trinity whose work makes possible the spreading of your precious word and knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord, to others who pass this way. We thank you, Father for the heavenly power of collective co-operation and love inspired by your Holy Spirit. We pray for those who oversee and help to maintain the structure and infrastructure of the building and those who provide a service in any of the many areas, where professional expertise is essential as they generously offer an extensive range of personal gifts which you have lovingly bestowed upon them. We ask that you continue to inspire us to work together with open, loving hearts, in joy and harmony, enabling us to have valuable time in developing Christian friendships, and strengthening bonds and as we work together to bring your precious, and holy name into the thoughts and lives of those to whom we reach out, that are walking in darkness. May we use the gifts that you have graciously given us in accordance with your will. We pray that as we meet and greet family members, friends and strangers, we radiate with the light and warmth of your divine love, which bears witness of your holy presence, that light shining around and residing within us. 
NOTICES. We pray for our new assistant curate Jackie Reily as she prepares to be ordained Deacon on 3rd July, also her husband Paul and their children. We pray for our curate Pete Hillman as he comes to the end of his curacy in the parish at the end of June, that together we will be able to discern God's call for him in his desire, and commitment to continue to serve God with his gift. We remember in our prayers Rochford Deanery and especially the parishes of Hockley, Rochford and Stambrindge. We thank you for the appointment of Revd Richard Jordan as Priest-in-charge at St Nicholas, Rawreth. We pray for him and his wife and children as he starts out on his new ministry. We give thanks and praise to God for Jane Richards and Ruth Cartwright as they embark on training for ordination. We ask, Lord, that you guide, love and comfort these your servants, and their families through their studies and throughout their ministries. Father in heaven we pray that John and Fiona Cheek are blessed with more than sufficient funds, work and housing in order that John can study for his degree in Community Evangelism, without the burden of financial worries. As we go about our daily lives may we cheerfully and confidently be aware, dear Lord Jesus, that it is only in loving and serving you above all others, our one and only God, Father, son and Holy spirit that we can truly outwardly shine and inwardly glow with your presence, which brings peace and joy into our lives, thereby giving us the desire to help others who are lost, to receive your Holy spirit and come home to you.
Heavenly Father, we pray this morning for those in our parish family who are suffering in mind, body or spirit, that they may be filled with your loving grace and feel the comfort of your healing hand, we pray for...... We pray for those who have recently died that they receive your mercy and be resting safely in your protection, we pray for......... Gracious God surround those who mourn with your comfort and love. In their confusion may they be made aware that you are always present, ready to embrace them and to hear their prayers. May our hearts and minds be open to receiving your spirit of love and protection, knowing that you are the way, the truth and the life, for yours is the kingdom the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. 
Written and presented by Joan Kent for Holy Trinity Sunday at Holy Trinity Church Rayleigh 2011
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