Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Why do people go to church?

If you are attending a church for services, regularly, what is your reason for doing that?

If you are serving within a church, regularly, in whatever capacity, washing-up, cleaning, serving, arranging flowers, or perhaps some clerical or administrative work, what is your reason for doing that?

I once heard a TV Evangelist say that we should attend church and become involved because we have something that we want to offer and not because we have a need to take.  These words had a very powerful effect upon me and having a love for Jesus Christ gave me a very good reason to feel confident in offering my services, however unimportant and worthless they may seem in 'the world'.

These simple acts of service are very much needed in our churches and asking around, it surprises me that there is always a need for many more volunteers to step up and offer a kind heart and willing pair of hands for menial acts of service.  What is more there is an opportunity to share a God inspired warm and loving heart with others.

It is difficult to express how much joy can be derived from these simple, yet very necessary tasks when done for the right reasons, to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, son of God.
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